Modern Medicine And Health Care Essay

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Norway has strong traditional roots that are still reflected to this day throughout their culture. In Northern Norway and other Scandinavian countries, there are still traditional medical practices that occur from day to day (Sexton & Buljo Stabbursvik, 2010). Before the use of modern medicine and health care, the people of Norway used natural healing properties of herbs, roots, and other plants in their traditional healing ways (Ainsworth, 2008). Still to this day, there are some groups of people that still use old the traditional practices to heal everything from diseases of the cold to treating psychiatric conditions (Ainsworth, 2008 ; Sexton & Sorlie, 2007).
Traditional practices have transformed over the years as modern medicinal discoveries have been made. People have advanced and studied new ways to treat diseases, but there are many traditional natural practices that are still in play. For example in Norway, there is an ancient herb, Rhodiola rosea, which was commonly used among ancient Nordic people to battle fatigue on long oceanic journeys (Ainsworth, 2008). This traditional medicine is still used today with many benefits noted. There was research determined that Rhodiola rosea was useful against cardiovascular stress as well as memory, fatigue and motivational issues, such as depression (Ainsworth, 2008). “Rhodiola root possesses the ability to prevent the damaging effects of stress even in acute situations.” (Ainsworth, 2008,…

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