Modern Media And Its Effects On Young Girls Essay

1275 Words Dec 19th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine a young girl, sitting on her bed, scrolling through her social media feed. It may not seem like problematic behavior, but modern media is becoming more dangerous for young girls’ fragile body image. And as social media apps become more popular, so are a troubling epidemic of eating disorders. According to the National Women 's Health Resource Center, ninety percent of people who show symptoms of an eating disorder are between the ages of twelve and twenty-five (Wexler). This age group is especially susceptible to unsafe behaviors because they are more impressionable. It is also the same age group that most social media and internet users are. Disturbing images of thin women spread faster than ever and are available to anyone in just seconds. Seen on tv, social media apps, or on the internet, these images can lead to extreme and risky behaviors. Modern media has a heavy effect on vulnerable young girls and contributes to the development of eating disorders.
Nowadays, all one has to do is turn on the tv to see ultra thin women prancing around with barely any skin on their bones. The actresses grace the covers of magazines with headlines that call upon their extreme weight loss and praise them for looking incredible at a scary one hundred pounds. These celebrities on the silver screen “reinforce extreme dieting in women who have [eating disorders]” (Witlin). Girls see women with bones poking through their skin, and feel reassured that that is normal, even idealistic.…

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