Modern Cinem The World Cinema Essay

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Cinema is a growing medium in which cultures and experiences can be shared visually. It operates as a global medium and is concerned with the patterns of development and interaction of cinematic culture around the world. Through this global cinematic culture, individuals can categorize film in terms of its aesthetic and contextual aim by First, Second, and Third cinema. When discussing Third Cinema, there is a misconception that it is related to Third World Cinema, when in fact, Third Cinema is set within the Third World Cinema aesthetic. This paper aims to further distinguish Third World Cinema from Third Cinema, which goes beyond generic Western films or First and Second cinema, where First cinema embodies Hollywood and Second cinema encapsulates socialist cinema. The films, The Past, The Hero or O Heroi, and Ilo Ilo, will be applied to discuss the impact it has on global cinema culture as Third Cinema films.
Third World Cinema, according to lecture, concerns the issue of aesthetics, which has become central (Akudinobi, Jude). It also includes the relationship of colonial history and how individuals in the Third World have been exploited and marginalized. Third World Cinema is not Third World just based on the location of where it was filmed, but the production of meaning and the intended audience. It aims to expand individuals’ perception of what the Third World actually is by relying on the director’s intent. Third Cinema differs from Third World Cinema in that it…

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