Essay on Modern Architecture And Its Impact On The Context

1286 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Successful modern architectures have been survived throughout the world. Those architectures were adapted themselves to new circumstances so-called ‘region’ Since First World War, global modernism had a big impact on the Latin America. Modernism has become the dominant global movement. Not only modern architecture appears European cities and United States, but also a lot of Latin America cities have started have modern style of architectures. It was not familiar to area where they have their own culture, climate, distinct lifeway and vernacular architecture. Emergence of modernism was a contrast to idea of regional architecture which is regionalism. So, it is still big issue and make so many arguments nowadays. On the other hand, there are also exist remarkable modern architecture that is harmonize with context throughout Latin America where was colony. In this paper, I aim to argue that successful modern architecture gives strong and positive impacts on the context. Two examples of the remarkable architecture are the Museum of Art Sao Paulo in Brazil and the bank of London and South America in Argentina. These are the representative of modern architecture in Latin America. The architects, Lina Bo Bardi and Clorindo Testa, design the buildings which is totally modern building. But it is modernist architecture which is applied by Le Corbusier’s five points of architecture, also not against to this region. It is well harmonized with the context in diverse ways. Two architects…

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