Mobile Industry Analysis Essay

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Mobile Industry: Past, Present and Future
Marketing Management
MGNT 6910
Dr. Daniel

Table of Contents Mobile Industry: Past, Present and Future 1 A-Team Marketing Management 1 Executive Summary 3 The Four Players 5 Apple’s SWOT 6 BlackBerry’s SWOT 7 Google’s SWOT 8 Windows/Microsoft’s SWOT 10 Porter’s Five Forces Model of the Mobile OS Industry 11 Porter’s Five Forces of Competition 11 STEEP Analysis 22 Changes in Global Market Share from 2012-2013 24 References 26 Appendix A 31 Appendix B 32

Executive Summary The Mobile Industry is a rapidly growing technology industry. It is continuously innovating and expanding each day, even as the world’s population increases. We have witnessed the
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It is designed to sync seamlessly with Google’s suite of products such as Gmail, Google play, Google Talk, and Youtube (Google, 2013).The Android Market is the Application store and boasts a robust 700,000+ apps. The android operating system is entirely open source. This means that the developers who get a license from Google are allowed to customize the OS, as long as they make how they did it freely available. This means the user can get very different appearances across the different type of phones, as opposed to iOS which always looks the same, on every iPhone. Google is above all else, a service company, they make money by advertisements. An android phone links to all of Google’s products. It tells the company tons of micro-data about the user that normally cannot be retrieved from a computer. Google uses this information to develop advertising custom for its users. It then charges other companies to advertise on its platform.
Ranked by Forbes as the Word’s #1 most powerful brand, Apple creates the mobile platform iOS. This is used on their line of iPhones and iPads. They are the most recognizable brand in the mobile market today at least in wealthy nations such as EU members and the United States. Apple is known for making products that “just work”. They charge a premium for their product with the expectation that it will be reliable, last several years, and are easy for people to learn how to use. Apple

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