Essay on Mobile As A Catalyst For Digital Transformation

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Mobile as a Catalyst in Digital Transformation

In the last three decades, there have been many disruptive technologies that have changed how businesses operate. It is difficult for many people to understand, for example, how companies could conduct business without a website, email or personal computers. Some people marvel that a company does not have use Skype, cloud computing or social media. Of all the innovative technologies that have appeared in recent years, however, mobile has certainly proven to be among the most disruptive.

Mobile devices have provided customers and employees with the freedom to interact with your company from any location. Mobile apps make it easier for your customers to find you, learn about your products and interact with you. These apps allow you to reach a wider range of customers, and they offer you new ways to deliver your marketing messages. Mobile apps also allow your employees to be more productive. Your sales personnel can check on a customer 's order status before leaving the customer 's site, collaborate with other employees at remote locations or be notified of any changes to their schedules.

As a marketer, however, what may be of the most interest to you is the data that you can glean from mobile users. According to a report from Ericsson, mobile subscriptions exceeded 7.25 billion in 2015. With a global population estimated at 7.35 billion, this means that there was nearly one mobile device for every man, woman and child in the…

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