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MNP231 Administering Windows Server 2008 MOAC Lab Review Questions
Lab 01 Review Questions
1. In Exercise 4, you added a boot image to the Windows Deployment Services console. Describe how a computer on the same network as the WDS server can boot using that image.
2. What two basic methods capture an image of a Windows Server 2008 computer by using the tools you installed in this lab?

Lab 02 Review Questions
1. In Exercise 3, which of the New Zone Wizard pages would not appear if you opted to store your zones in Active Directory?
2. In Exercise 5, why would the lack of a static IP address be a problem, considering that DHCP clients use broadcast transmissions to locate DHCP servers?
3. The Windows DHCP server enables you to configure
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Lab 06 Review Questions
1. In Exercise 5, why doesn’t the extended partition you created appear in the Disk Management snap-in’s volume list in the top view pane? Not initialized not formatted or assigned a letter
2. In Exercise 4, why is it that you were unable to extend the Karen1 volume and were forced to mount a volume to a folder instead, but you were able to extend Karen3? The second volume is present
3. In Exercise 6 after you converted Disk 0 from a basic disk to a dynamic disk, how many partitions were there on the disk? How do you know? 4 partitions
4. If one of the hard disk drives should fail after creating the spanned volume on the Accounting server by using space from both hard disks, what would happen to the data stored on the volume? lost

Lab 07 Review Questions
1. Why is it necessary to supply a new IP address for the cluster? Network load Balancing
2. When you connect your NLB cluster using its IP address (, but an attemp to connect using its name ( failed. Why was this the case?
3. Why was it still possible to connect to the cluster, even though the computer on which you created the cluster was turned off? Node wasn’t turned off

Lab 08 Review Questions
1. What would happen if you accidentally reversed the group memberships and tried to add the Budget##-Full group as a member of the Acctg##-Full group?
2. If Leo Giakoumakis is hired as a full-time employee after his internship

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