Mixed Martial Arts : A Dangerous Sport Essay

1890 Words Nov 19th, 2015 8 Pages
Why exactly do some people categorize MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) as a dangerous sport? Maybe it’s because of the knock-out wins, or the tight submission holds. Many accusations such as those previously presented have led to speculation that could ultimately end up jeopardizing the sport as a whole. According to an article written by Chris Taylor the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which is a very prominent league in the world of Mixed Martial Arts make an annual $500 million gross per year. This only proves that many people have a common and consistent interest in the sport, and taking it away will be everything but justified. Imagine if your favorite sporting activity was being taken away from the world of sports for good. You would probably feel empty and would have a big chunk of your life ripped away from you. And that 's basically what would happen to millions of people across the world if Mixed Martial Arts was to be taken out of sports. Mixed Martial Arts is much like an ocean it doesn 't look as appealing at first sight. But the more deeper you go into it the more beautiful things you get to see. Mixed Martial Arts should not be banned as a sport because the Mixed Martial Arts has strict safety rules, the sport has a large fan base, and it is safer than boxing.

Mixed Martial Arts should not be banned as a sport because MMA has strict safety rules. The safety/rule book for the sport of MMA consists of an elongated list of guidelines that the fighter, fight…

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