Mix Culture Streak Plate Kitchen Lab Microbiology Essay

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The purpose of this experiment is to obtain isolation of individual species of particles from the mixed culture. This is completed through the isolation technique of streak plate. The objective of this experiment is to replicate the technique of streak plate but on a much larger scale. Because it is on a larger scale the particles are able to be visually observed as they are isolated using the streaking technique as the experiment is conducted. The benefits of the streaking technique is when a cultures has multiple species they are able to be more easily identified once they have been isolated. This experiment is much like the experiments completed on an agar plate but on one a much larger scale and where techniques
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Several attempts were made at this experiment prior to coming to the final results represented in the pictures below. The first error that was made was not completely reading the instructions to this lab prior to the first attempt. See that several things would need to be collected to simulate a streaking experiment the materials that were used in the first attempt did not match the materials needed to complete this experiment. One the first attempt at this experiment the medium was not mixed with the particles. But separately applied to the streaking surface first the medium was applied and then the particles of rise were attempted to be streaked through the medium that was applied to the plate. After desired results were not obtained the instructions for the experiment were reviewed to reveal the wrong materials were used and they were used in the wrong ways. The second attempt at this experiment was with cheerios in place of the sprinkles. This experiment failed because the particles as they sat in the medium began to breakdown from absorption of water from the medium. This caused the particles to be too soft for streaking and obtaining the desired results of this experiment.

On the third attempt the sprinkles were used but the wrong technique was used during streaking. The streaking surface was not rotated 90 degrees. Since the streaking surface was not rotated the back and forth motion used

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