General Electric Company Environmental Analysis

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General Electric Company is currently an American International conglomerate. The enterprise was established in 1892 from the amalgamation of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company. General Electric Company offers many diversified services that also involve technology and manufacturing with a significant commitment towards the achievement of customer success and also global leadership in all its operations (Wilson, 2014). The paper will focus on highlighting the mission, bison and core values of the company, illustrate an environmental analysis and also discuss various aspects of the enterprise and how these elements have influenced the success of General Electric Company.

• Mission, Vision, Core Values
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The enterprise concentrates on innovations that build, move, power and also assit in curing the world. General Electric drives on making things that very few other companies globally can but these innovations are inspired from the needs of all people. This is a significant source of pride for the company and defines the entire premise of the corporation (Seteroff, 2010).
Their mission statement is only made possible by all the relevant stakeholders involved with the company that have a high professionalism and also can develop the best technologies in handling the toughest challenges in the process of finding the best solutions for making the world a better place. Rasheed, & Rasheed, (2012) stated that General Electric is committed to providing the best and quality commodities to their consumers. The company has made the maintenance of relevant investor support a critical component of their entire

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