Misinterpretation Of Children 's Literature Essay

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Misinterpretation Of Children’s Literature

Originally our culture was raised to believe fairytale’s had a based audience of children, but are we really teaching our children the right things by reading them these stories? Although a fairytale is a children 's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands, fairytales in some ways might be exposing younger children to more violent, sexual, harmful situations that they are not fully ready to understand. The debate is if the actions in which are in the plot of the story are really age appropriate for children. Are we exposing our children to harmful situations in which they should experience themselves or are we exposing our children to harmful situations in a more kind way, one in which they will be less frightened of than the real world may portray? The debate may go on forever but the evidence and logic behind the debate may only fully support one side.
Ultimately fairytales are written to teach children about life lessons in such a granting way. Many fairytales have been told many different ways and through different generations. Many fairytales do not sugar coat the true meanings of life and their story lines can come off cruel, while others will twist and bend the true meaning to create a softer moral lesson. Throughout this essay I will talk about the ever so popular fairytale of Rumpelstillskin. Like many fairy tales, “Rumpelstiltskin” by the Grimm’s Brothers is a story that is without a doubt no character that…

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