Misbehavior of Ceos Essay

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MAN 5266 – 1

Management of Professionals

Week 05

Case 8.1: The (Mis) Behavior of Successful CEOs Leads to Their


Wilfredo C. Ilagan

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This paper is an analysis of a real world case as it relates to the learning about managing misbehavior. The Case 8.1, “The (Mis) Behavior of Successful CEOs Leads to Their Departures,” requires answers to the following questions: • “To what degree do you believe the behaviors of the featured CEOs constituted "misbehavior" and that reactions of the boards were correct?” (Ivancevich, J.M., Konopaske, R., & Matteson, M.T., 2014). • “If you were on a board of directors, what factors would you consider in the
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Even personalities like the great golfer Tiger Woods, though not a CEO is still subject to this “image” effect as he conveys morals and ethics through the advertisements of his sponsors. Their board of directors did the right thing to fire these womanizing men or force them to resign from their posts. They must have been fired at home first by their wives.

If you were on a board of directors, what factors would you consider in the selection of a CEO to limit the potential of this type of misbehavior?

The article “Explaining executive integrity: Governance, charisma, personality and agency” (Tourigny, L., Dougan, W. L., Washbush, J., & Clements, C. (2003), highlights how the executive’s “dominant, shareholder-wealth-maximizing paradigm sustains both external and internal organizational conditions that can contribute to the failure of organizational leaders to make executive decisions and to act according to appropriate principles of governance and ethical standards “(Tourigny, et al, 2003). The paper mentioned education as a big factor in developing the mindsets of individuals and so with these executives. They also said that behavioral changes can be provoked by control mechanisms and their executive packages. All these however, as mentioned by the paper, cannot just be modified without consideration of their individual’s beliefs and respective systems of values. Considering at this point therefore of saying that

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