Miroslav Holb Go Open The Door Analysis

Discoveries are most often difficult and the individual uncovering the discovery will encounter challenges that if overcome will ultimately lead to a tremendous or traumatic outcome. One must be driven by curiosity, will and necessity to overcome challenges arising from their enduring journey, which inevitably propels or prevents one from achieving their final discovery. Literatures throughout the past have explored the challenges and rewards that accompany ones self-discovery. Texts have sought to emphasis the importance of ones willingness, curiosity and necessity to achieve their ultimate self-discovery and the inevitability of change as a result of discovery thus conquering the challenges that prevented ones self-discovery. Miroslav Holb’s …show more content…
Throughout the poem, the doors Hublt challenges the reader to overcome the barriers tha prevent ones discovery metaphorically through a “door”. The us e of enjambment throughout the entire poem requires the individual to read further to discover the change. The first line is the challenge “Go open the door” and the following lines reveal the discoveries that cause change “Maybe outside there’s a tree, or a wood, a garden, or a magic city.”. The anaphora of “Go open the door” conveys the countless challenges that may arise in self discovery and throughout every stanza points out the different discoveries and changes that individual incur as they continually open doors and find something new each time. The change may be subtle like “the hollow wind”, or confronting like a stark “eye”, or unexpected like the “magic city”, or a new perspective through “the picture/ of a picture”. But all encompass the notion of change: that may alter individuals, their world or give them new perspectives. Even “if there’s a fog” when we open the door, an obstacle or difficulty, and things at first lack clarity, or feel uncertain, the poem reassures the reader that “it will clear”. It is still benefit to experience discoveries, no matter how insignificant or momentous because it is overcoming the challenges that causes change. Similarly The Life Of Pi supports that every discovery causes one to experience change to their perspective or belief. Pi discovers the carnivorous Island and this discovery forces him to change his attitude towards his journey. He had believed that he had given up however this discovery made Pi change his mind thus continues his journey for

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