Miracles In The Gospel Of Jesus

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Today, we look for signs from God for the decisions whether good or bad. Especially when time are tough and begin to question, why is it happening to me God? God are you testing me? These question arise because we do not have faith. Our faith is lost because we do not believe. Therefore, we must answer who is Christ? Christ can be describe as a Savior, Messiah, Son of God, Deliverer, and Redeemer. Christ to me is The Messiah and Teacher because he is the anointed one Chosen by God to lead us to salvation through him. Also, he is a teacher to teach us the Good Lord teachings in Christ. On the subject, Jesus Christ has many names though one name is Christ or Messiah. The definition of Messiah is a King who will be sent by God to save the …show more content…
Yes, miracles of Jesus seen by non-believer will become a believer until seen or achieve by God. Though, Jesus had seven miracles or Signs according to John. John describe the seven significant by the symbolism. Our class discussion, we were ask was it signs instead of miracles in the Gospel of John? The significance are, who is Jesus? According to Matthew Smith Lecture notes, the four Gospel- purpose, characteristics and application showed the seven miracle as sign, though it can be use the authority of all things. Here are the list: Changing water into wine reveals power over nature( John 2:1-11); Healing of the Royal of officials son reveals power over distance and space, power over disease( John 4:46-54); healing of the invalid at Bethesda reveals Jesus over time (John 5:1-9); Feeding of the 5000 reveals master of quantity (John 6:1-14); Walking on the water (John 6:16-21); healing of the man born Blind reveals his power over nature and disease (John 9:1-12); Raising of Lazarus reveals Jesus power of Death, Resurrection and life (John 11: 1-46) (Smith). These were significant signpost declaring the New Covenant has arrive. The seven signpost and miracles are illustration and demonstration of God’s power of all things. In Jesus Ministries, Jesus is a teacher of the New

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