Essay about Miracle Of Birth By Jeffrey W. Ellis

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Miracle of Birth by Jeffrey W. Ellis. He is a Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. He is a professor of Health Sciences and Professor of Health care Administration at Rosary College in River Forest, Illinois. This book was Published in 1989. Jeffrey W. Ellis is a Medical Doctor. He has written this book to help pregnant woman to understand all period of pregnancy. The book is divided into three parts discussing the trimesters. The book includes discussion about labor and delivery. The book is about how women need to take care of themselves and their baby during pregnancy. The author explains the nine months of pregnancy including doctor visits, baby changing ,body changing, diets, working during pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, diseases, cesarean section, and labor. Before women begin each trimester, he recommends that women should complete that section in the book. Ellis also helps to calculate a delivery date. Every pregnancy is unique. It is hard to have an exact plan for pregnancy. Only doctors and women can decide what to do. This book only gives general information. The husband will also play a big role during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

The author focuses on three main points in this book. The first one is the first prenatal visit. Women should see a doctor as soon as possible. During the first visit the doctor will do a complete physical examination. The nurse will check woman’s…

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