Your Baby's First Year Book Report

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Your Baby 's First Year the third edition is a book that acts as a guide for parents or parents to be . This book is broken into two parts. The first part contains chapters one to eleven which covers from prenatal care to your babies first year. Other topics that chapters one through eleven cover include things like basic care, vaccinations, home safety, breast feeding, and behavior. The second part of the book chapters twelve thru thirty covers a large range of medical ailments, for each it tells causes, symptoms, ways to prevent, and also treatment. This book is a very insightful aid to help guide parents as they raise their child.
Steven P. Shelov the editor in-chief of the book is a medical doctor that has a masters in science and is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His achievements of becoming a medical doctor, a
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The section on prenatal care tells mothers how and why to take care of themselves and the baby. During pregnancy the mother can have great effects on the child. Anything that the mother consumers during her pregnancy is indirectly going to the baby also. If harmful substances such as alcohol or cigarette smoke is taken in it can have very harmful side effects on the babies. Positive and Negative events that occur during pregnancy can effect your baby for the rest of its life. Basic infant care is very important. Being able to take care of and nurture your baby is a must. They rely on you to take care of them for all of their need. During this stage babies are still developing. It is important that the baby get the right nutrition and care to fully develop. Last, the sections that pertain to health are all to be conscious of. These sections mostly give signs and indications of sickness. These sections are important because the quicker you catch an ailment the quicker treatment can

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