How Did The First Trimesters Change In Early Adulthood

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A mortal woman's Pregnancy is divided by three trimesters from their last menstrual cycle. Which totals up to 40 weeks from the first trimester is with week one till the twelfth week for the second one it is thirteen to twenty seven and the final one is from week twenty eight until the birth of their offspring.
Their offspring will continue to change week by week. During the first trimester weeks after the fertilized egg it will begin to cause physical and hormonal changes to the human body.
Firstly, the first trimester Within the third to the eighth week of growth it is called the embryonic stage during which the embryo with the mortals body develops most major body organs and during this timeframe the embryo is extremely venerable to damaging
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Secondly, It appears they have made it to the second trimester assuming the reason they have pursued this because it is their first pregnancy around such time they shall begin to feel the fetus move around eighteen to twenty two weeks after the last menstrual cycles occurrence.
Regardless of the fetus moving for several weeks the movements done were too weak within the human anatomy for one to feel such force at all till now within this current point of time. Though the movements of the fetus can be so gentle the mortal may not know what the feeling of this actually might be.
However if one has experienced pregnancy before they may notice the movements earlier mostly between the weeks of sixteen and eighteen prior to those mortals who have not.
Around this time the fetus is building up body fat and beginning to put on a lot of weight. As the end of the second trimester approaches their fetus will be ten inches (25.5 centimeters) long and weighs about 1.5 pounds (680

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