Miracle Of Birth Summary

Miracle of Birth by Jeffrey W. Ellis. He is a Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. He is a professor of Health Sciences and Professor of Health care Administration at Rosary College in River Forest, Illinois. This book was Published in 1989. Jeffrey W. Ellis is a Medical Doctor. He has written this book to help pregnant woman to understand all period of pregnancy. The book is divided into three parts discussing the trimesters. The book includes discussion about labor and delivery. The book is about how women need to take care of themselves and their baby during pregnancy. The author explains the nine months of pregnancy including doctor visits, baby changing ,body changing, diets, working during …show more content…
The first one is the first prenatal visit. Women should see a doctor as soon as possible. During the first visit the doctor will do a complete physical examination. The nurse will check woman’s height, weight, and blood pressure. The doctor will check women’s eyes, mouth, chest, heartbeats, abdomen, legs, and breasts. The doctor will calculate woman’s delivery date. If pregnancy is bigger than eight week, the doctor will hear a baby heartbeat too. The doctor will ask questions about woman’s medical history, family history, and social history. The nurse will take blood and urine tests. The urine test will be checked for sugar (glucose) and protein, which is very important for the baby. The doctor will also talk about diet. He will give medications such as iron, multivitamins, and calcium. The second main point is a growing baby. Each month has its special changes of the baby body. Union of an egg and a sperm is a the beginning of the baby in the first month. This process usually takes two weeks. Then the egg will seat in the wall of the uterus. Within a few more days the developing baby covered by the amniotic sac. After one month the growing baby will be …show more content…
If pregnant women are vegetarian they should talk with a doctor. They may need some vitamins and proteins to have healthy babies. Good nutrition is the most interesting thing during pregnancy. It is very important for women health as well as for babies’ brains, hearts, and bones. The pregnant women must eat for two is a false statement. Limit of calories is 2,100 to 2,400 calorie. The Babies need protein for their cells and organs. There are some reasons for taking iron. The first reason is mom’s and baby’s hemoglobin. The second reason is that the babies need iron after birth. The third one is to increase level of blood. Calcium is important too. It is important for babies’ bones, hearts, and muscles. The doctors will usually recommend vitamins. Other authors have also written on this topic. For example “Planned Parenthood” and “UCSF Medical Center.” The main points these articles are to help pregnant women to know what the pregnancy is, how to take care of themselves and their baby, how become a good mother from the first day of pregnancy.

I agree with Jeffrey W. Ellis about this book. In my own

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