Essay on Miracle And The Gospel Of John

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Miracle in the gospel of John
There are many miracle throughout the Bible but here in the book of John, there are Seven Miracles that were performed by Jesus him in front many audience including John the disciple. This Seven miracle are recorded in the Gospel of John by John a disciple of Jesus. John was an eyewitness present at each of these seven miracles, for the purposed of this paper, I am going to illustrated one by one as they are very important in our life of each and every Christian today.
First miracle, In the Gospel of John chapter 2 we read that Jesus ' mother is attending a wedding in the city of Cana in the district of Galilee. At this particular wedding the host runs out of wine for the guests. Mary the mother of Jesus then comments to Jesus that there is no wine. Of course Jesus knew in advance that there was not a sufficient amount of wine at the wedding, this could be part of the reason why Jesus went to the marriage and brought His disciples with so that He could perform this miracle as an illustration to them and have it recorded in the Bible for the future used . Jesus and the disciples are not the reason that the wine ran out. Jesus replies to Mary that "His hour has not yet come." Jesus knows that He is going to provide the much needed wine, but Jesus is establishing that miracles are not the reason that God became a man in the person of Jesus and walked on earth with mankind. Jesus came in the form of a man to die on the cross to remove sin and…

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