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The news story tells us that predictive policing practices show positive results. According to the news burglaries decreased by 25%, and police made several arrests in six months that prevented the crime. I think this is a major contribution to crime prevention for the society. Police officers are notified where and when the new crimes are most likely to occur. This helps them to quickly respond and protect the interest of the public. In my opinion, in the next ten years technological progress

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First of all, predicting policing and pre-crime have the same goal, which is to prevent the crime from happening. Secondly, suspects get arrested in both cases. In addition, they both show positive results and an enormous decrease in a crime level. Moreover, technology and massive databases are main two components that make predictive policing and pre-crime work. Even though predicting policing and pre-crime have many similarities, there are some differences as well. In Minority Report pre-crime was only concerned in preventing murders from committing the crime. On the other hand, predicting policing is concerned to prevent all types of crime that might put public in danger.
Pre-crime is widely used in our society. Speed limit is my favorite example. If an individual drives over a speed limit, he or she is penalized by the police authorities. Has the crime occurred? Police officer may argue that the violator could hurt others by speeding, but he or she didn’t. All citizens are affected by this enforcement, even those who don’t have intention to hurt others and those who never speed. Drug laws is another example of pre-crime in our society. Our society created a stereotype: a person is a criminal if he or she uses drugs. In my opinion, drug use is not a crime. Drug offenders don’t do any harm to other people by simply doing drugs. They need help from qualified practitioners to overcome their addiction. Nevertheless, many of them are put
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