Minimum Wage Should Be Legal Essay

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The minimum wage debate has been a disputed topic in the United States for many years since it was first implemented. In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill allowing for a federal minimum wage to be set (Grossman 1). 70 years later, many minimum wage workers and other government officials want to implement a 15 dollar per hour minimum wage. While the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, the negative impact of the economy explains why it should stay that way, if not be reduced or eradicated. In states that have implemented a higher minimum wage, there are already statistics to prove the economic decline. Raising the minimum wage would hurt both the economy and the average worker due to the loss of jobs that would occur, high prices of goods, and inflation. Over time, it has been shown that minimum wage increases result in an increase of unemployment rates. Just because someone has raised a wage does not mean that all minimum wage earners will have a better salary. Big corporations and the industries that employ the minimum wage worker start off spending a certain amount of their revenue by paying their employees, and when their wages are increased, the number spent on paying employees increases as well. These companies can’t or won’t pay for the higher wages without any boost in work or labor, and as a result, it will cause many to lose their jobs. The studies that claim to prove that there is no effect on unemployment rates only look at the short…

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