Minimum Legal Drinking Age Must Be 18 Essay

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Minimum Legal Drinking Age Must Be 18

Alcohol’s reputation varies from one culture to another. By some cultures, it is perceived as a “forbidden fruit” while others view it as an essential complement to their diet. Its complicated nature has caused modern countries to attempt to alleviate its harmful effects by setting restrictive laws. However, with the creation of these laws also arose imminent opposition and doubt over their effectiveness. While today’s minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) is 21, it has been proven that the ideal minimum drinking age is 18, because it is safer for the health and it demotes crime.
The healthiest drinking age is 18 because that is the age one turns into an adult, and according to the Free Dictionary’s West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, an adult is “a person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs” (West’s Encyclopedia). Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that eighteen-year-olds must be treated as responsible human beings. Furthermore, adults are expected to drive responsibly, join the military, get married, pay their rent, purchase cigarettes, but are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
Today, in the United States, alcohol is the forbidden fruit for many teenagers, and “it ranks as the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States” (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse). Therefore, it is a very serious…

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