Military Spending, A Necessary Expense Essay

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Military spending, a necessary expense

In 2014 the United States government approved a spending budget for fiscal year 2015. The proposed amount was 1.11 Trillion dollars or $1,110,000,000,000.00; this was the highest budget proposal in United States history. Out of the proposed budget $598.5 billion dollars were allocated to military spending. This consisted of over fifty-four percent of the total budget. To get an idea of just how much this is, the second highest allocation of funds were to running the government. The total allocated to this task is $72.9 billion dollars or just six percent of the total budget. In a time where the National Debt is topping just over $18 trillion dollars as of September 2015, this is an astronomical amount. According to an article written by USA today dated July 12th 2014, the second highest spender on national defense is China with a Defense allocation of $171 billion.
The Allocation for military spending is high enough to make many people believe that it is a waste of funding. Contrary to popular belief, the military is necessary to protect the United States and its interests. The proof of this is simple, the United States has never lost a war on its home soil. Furthermore we have been the deciding factor in wars a crossed the world. This was proven in World War I which was raging on throughout Europe in the early 20th century. Once we got involved the allied countries were able to push back its enemy’s and was soon won. Also again in…

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