Essay on Miles Per Hour and D. Different Ans

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Placement Paper Held on 28th January 2010
Questions = 82 ; time limit = 90 minutes. no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test and a PSYCHOMETRY TEST also.
Section 1: VERBAL ( 32 Questions ,20 minutes )
Directions for questions 1-10:Find the synonyms of the following words
1. Depreciation
A. appreciation B. Deflation C. rise D. None of these
Ans: B
2. Circumspect
A Condition B Inspect C. Cautious D Reckless
Ans: C
3. Abysmal
A. Slight B. Deep C. Illustrious D. Terrible
Ans: D
4. Diligent
A. hardworking B. delinquent C. neglectful D. remiss
Ans: A
5. Vehement
A. Passionate B. Confess C. Noisy D Moqulis
Ans: A
6. Impetus
A. Connect B. Crucial C. Stimulus D
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Which of the following statements in false in context of the given passage ?
A) The diversity of plant life is essential for human existence
B) Scientists know the usefulness of most plat species
C) Chemicals for cancer treatment are available from plants.
D) There are around ten times the plant species undiscovered as compared to the discovered ones
Ans: B
24.Which of the following correctly reflects the opinion of the author to take care of hunger of the world ?
A) Increase the number of the edible plants being cultivates.
B) Increase cultivation of the 150 species presently under cultivation
C) Increase the cultivation of medical plants
D) Increase the potential of the uncultivated edible plants ?
Ans: D
25. Which of the following is mentioned as the immediate cause for the destruction of plant species ?
A) Soil Erosion B) Destruction of habitat C) Cultivation D) Agricultural practices
Ans: B
26. Choose the word which is nearly same in meaning to the given word as used in the passage,. Wasted
A) Consumed B) Squandered C) Unutilized D) Unprofitable
Ans: C
Directions 27-32 : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
27. Priya is not…………. for this kind of a job
A) cut in B) cut up C) cut through D) cut out
Ans : D
28. He left the book……………. the telephone
A) around B) beside C) besides D) at
Ans : B
29. The waiter took the plates……………..after we had

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