Migration Of The Asean Region Essay

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Throughout the ASEAN region, migration plays a particularly key role in the economic development of countries. 5 million of these migrant workers base themselves in Thailand, with the majority coming from Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Myanmar, where the working conditions and pay is often very poor when compared to their neighbour. These migrant workers in Thailand commonly face a number of problems that include language barriers, navigation of different regulations and health care systems, and the temporary nature of migration that often creates difficulties accessing key health care services. In addition to this, many of these workers are undocumented, and in order to never come to the attention of authorities will often never seek help.

In terms of the control of STIs, it has been documented that migrants are more likely to pay for sex and have a higher rate of partner change, increasing both the risk and spread of infection into other areas of the community. As it currently stands, there is a fractured paradigm within STI control, whereby funding and policy of STI programs have prioritized HIV prevention, often leaving other STI programs neglected. Research has found that due to the increased focus on HIV this has been to the detriment of other STIs. It has been noted that in some cases given the insular focus of HIV programs, some pregnant women are offered an HIV test, but are not screened for syphilis (Peeling, Mabey, Fitzgerald & Watson-Jones,…

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