Middle Childhood Observation Essay

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An Observation of Middle Childhood
Monica Thomas
University of St. Thomas
EDUC 5339: Human Growth and Development
Dr. Tera Torres

The following observation is of my own child. Isabel is seven years old and on this day she was playing with best friend at home. The other child is the same age, yet Isabel is quite taller and looks as if she is older. She wears glasses for her nearsightedness. Berger (2011) states is myopia – nearsightedness vision is the most common problem in middle childhood.
The girls decided they would swim first. They changed into swim suits and came out ready to go. They did not bother to cover or hide themselves. They were very unware of their bodies in swimsuits. They did however, comment on each
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Isabel kept tell her they would “in a minute.” Eventually, her friend got out of the pool, dried, and sat in a chair while Isabel was still swimming. Isabel, tried to keep her friend playing by saying, “Ok, we will do your way now.” They just ended the pool play and went inside. In Piaget’s concrete operational thought, school aged children are no longer limited by egocentrism (Berger 2001). Isabel used logic to see her friend outside the pool and was no longer interested in playing.
They girls changed and decided they were hungry. Isabel took her friend into the kitchen and asked her what she would like. Isabel explained and showed what was available. She was quite the hostess. They decided on a sandwiches. I offered help but the girls said they could do it on their own. They pulled out everything needed to make ham and cheese sandwiches. I did have to remind Isabel not to climb up on the counter to reach the plates and glasses. She replied by saying, “I will be careful.” Though they were slightly messy, they did make ham and cheese sandwiches. Before eating, they decided that they would pretend to be at a fancy restaurant. They asked for cloth napkins and permission to use the wine glasses to drink there fruit punch. During the meal, the spoke with their fancy voices say “darling” and such. They seemed to have a grand lunch. After observing the girls prepare lunch for themselves, it is clear

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