Microbiology Essay

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Biology 119, Spring 2015 Review sheet for Exam 1

The exam is worth 100 points total. It will consist of approximately 47 multiple-choice questions worth 2 point each and 3-4 short essay questions. Bring a scantron and pencil to the exam. The best way to study is to review the posted lecture notes. I suggest printing of a blank copy and filling them in referring to your book and notes as little as possible. Continue this process until you can fill them in without assistance.

Exam 1 will cover chapters 1-3 and 6.

1. How long have microbes been on the planet? How has this affected the evolution of more complex species? a. Microorganisms are the foundation for all life on earth b. They have existed on this planet for
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Differentiate the major characteristics of each group of microorganisms k. Three Domains of Life: viii. Bacteria 2. Single-celled prokaryotes 3. Prokaryote = “prenucleus” 4. No membrane-bound nucleus 5. No other membrane-bound organelles 6. DNA in nucleoid 7. Most have specific shapes (rod, spherical, spiral) 8. Rigid cell wall contains peptidoglycan (unique to bacteria) 9. Multiply via binary fission, 1 cell enlarges then divides forming 2 cells identical to original 10. Many move using flagella ix. Archaea 11. Like Bacteria, Archaea are prokaryotic 12. Similar shapes, sizes, and appearances to Bacteria 13. Multiply via binary fission 14. May move via flagella 15. Rigid cell walls 16. However, major differences in chemical composition b. Cell walls lack peptidoglycan c. Ribosomal RNA sequences different 17. Many are extremophiles, organisms that thrive in physically or geometrically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on earth 18. High salt concentration- halophiles, Great Salt Lake, Dead Sea 19. Temperature-thermophiles (45-122 degrees Celsius) x. Eukarya 20. Eukaryotes = “true nucleus” 21. Membrane-bound nucleus and other

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