Microbiology Labs Essay

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MBK Lab 01 – Lab Report Name: ____________________ Section: ___________________

TITLE: Observing Bacteria and Blood

OBJECTIVE: To gain functional knowledge of microscope operations through practical applications of a microscope in the observation of bacteria and blood.

PROCEDURES: Using the microscope, an oil immersion lens and observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt . Preparing a Blood Slide and observing Blood:

After reviewing the section of the manual as instructed I cleaned the ocular lenses and prepared the slides. I made required adjustments to the microscope and ocular distances for view during experiment. I practiced using six prepared slides that were in the kit to ensure I was viewing
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cerviciae. I made a dime-sized circle on each of the 3 slides I was going to use. I added water onto the first slide and then used the cotton swab to scrape the inside of my mouth. I observed it under the microscope. Then I used a toothpick to scrape a sample of plaque from my teeth which I placed on the second slide already prepared with a droplet of water. I viewed that as well. On the third slide I placed the yeast mixture onto it and observed it under the microscope. Once completed I washed all the slides and disinfected the area. I put on an apron for this part of the experiment and used a marker to make a dime-sized circle in the middle of each of 3 slides and I labeled all three slides 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Then I placed a small drop of the yeast culture prepared in Part 3 onto slide 1. Then I scraped the inside of my mouth and gums and smeared the swab onto the second slide and finally I used another toothpick to scrape plaque from my teeth onto the third slide. I waited until the samples were completely dry and I heat-fixed running them through the flame 4 times. I placed a drop of crystal violet on the slides and quickly ran them under water for approximately 30 seconds. I blotted them with a paper towel and viewed the specimens under the microscope. Once completed, I cleaned the slides for further use and disinfected the area. I labeled 3 slides and placed a small drop of Congo Red on each of the slides

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