Microaggression Examples

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I am not like a normal black girl is a phase I have heard many times over my life. One day at school, it was almost summer break, my friends and I didn’t have any work to do in class. While we were waiting for lunch to start, we begun to have a conversation to pass the time. One of my friends made a statement describing me as not like a normal black girls. Everyone in the group agreed to her opinion. I asked why they all thought that way. They stated that most black girls have load voices and are more sociable. Most black girl wear clothes that show more parts of their body.
Addition, they often have short or relax hair. They often only listen to rap music and watch certain television shows. Therefore, I didn’t match their idea of a normal
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Microaggression has been a part of academic discourse for a long time. Most people do not know what the term microaggression means. The word is now being used more frequently. Conor Friedersdorf stated, “As the “microaggressions” framework gains prominence on campuses, micro-grievances increasingly becoming the focus of social justice debates and efforts.” I have experienced microaggression many time thought out my life. Everyone has encountered some type of microaggression in their life, even if they don’t know it. Microaggression happens unintentionally verbally or nonverbally. Some common example of microaggression is insults and stereotype. Most people experience racial microaggression more than any other type of microaggression. According to Tori DeAngelis, “The term racial microaggressions was first proposed by psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, MD, in the 1970s, but psychologists have significantly amplified the concept in recent …show more content…
It also had happened to me many times though out my life. I never heard of microaggression until it was talked about in class. It is a term that is not used very often, all of a sudden we were all perplexed of being blamed for. It does not matter of one’s race or gender, every person will experience it. A journalist named Conor Friedersdorf once stated, “The nature of “microaggressions” co-exists uneasily with the fact that different things bother different individuals.” A comment or jester someone makes toward someone else might not bother that person, but it may bother someone else. I have experience the most common type of microaggression, which is racial microaggression. I do not fit the modern expectation of most black females. It offends me when other states that I am not like a normal black girl. Just because one is different or talks different does not make them a different race. Every person is different in their own way. People have stereotyped each race, but if a one does not fit that stereotype they accuse you of acting like another

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