Michael Baxandall 's Work, Painting And Experience Essay

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Michael Baxandall is a very important figure in the art historian world. He has written many books over many different subjects, but is most known for his work, Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy. Publish in 1972, this book place him in the art hisortain world. Baxandoll’s book is based on scoial history approach to dealing with works out art. Social History can be defined as, history that looks at the social, economic, and cultural institutions of a people. Baxandoll believes that art is shaped by the culture that surrounds is. He used his book to show that this approach can apply to art history.
Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy takes a look at Italian Renaissance art with a social history approach. Baxandall’s book introduces you to works by great artist and how to read them from a social history stand point. To do this you look at the style of the painting and thinking about what was going on at that time. In the book there are 3 sections over this very idea. Each of the section of the book shows how social history can relate to art. Baxandall starts out his book by inducing the reader to the ways of the art making trade. The first book starts with this paragraph, “A fifteenth-century painting is the deposit of a social relationship. On one side there was a painter who made the picture or at least supervised its making. On the other side there was somebody else who asked him to make it, provided the funds for him to make it and after he…

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