Michael Apted's Growing Up Observed: Analysis

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Michael Apted’s series teaches his audience that decisions that were made as youngsters can totally backfire once they start getting older. Apted’s documentaries are suggesting that decisions should be taken seriously because it can have severe consequences in the future. I think that when we are young, we mostly have dreams of becoming successful, but the mind hasn’t fully matured enough to think about the obstacles that have to happen. I do think education is important and if you start to comprehend the fact that you need it, and then you are on the right path. These fourteen kids define success in their own way, but when they do, I think that they are living in their moments and once they get older, they start growing and their ambitions …show more content…
One quote that explains my point is, "No one ever said it was easy to face up just how fleeting life is, how ineluctably yet unpredictable time changes us, how inevitably the limitless potential of childhood is eroded." (Hulbert) I can arguably say that time changes us to become better people and this quote shows us why those kids, now adults faced their reality because once you 're an adult thing become stressful and it 's obvious that our childhood is gone in a flash. I think that although some of these characters didn 't aim high, they seem happy to be alive and it gives us a glimpse of their type of lifestyle which is really up to you to make it happen or not. Another example would be Neil, before he finds his place in society, he says, “Well my life isn’t over.” (Confino) When Neil says this, I can agreeably say that he’s right, although he had an awful breakdown, he managed to get his life together, and I think his struggles have encouraged the audience that it’s never too late to accomplish a goal that can benefit ones future. I think that all of these characters have that potential that is similar and through hard work, they manage to live life with their loved ones because as a little kid, I can honestly say dreaming about the future and what it will hold. I think that when we try to pursue a challenge, we mostly get sucked in on negative outcomes and we can 't bear to watch us fail because it 's sad to see yourself in that position and that 's how the movie made me see things in a different perspective. As in when Neil says, " I see that life comes once and it 's quite short," I think that life itself has drifted him in the right path which made him say this and it had been a lesson learned to the audience. It shows us how although you may go through a lot of crisis, you can still only live your life by doing it right. Lastly,

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