Mice Of Men Movie And Movie Analysis

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Analysis of Mice of Men book vs. Movie The book “Mice of Men’ by John Steinbeck is very different from the movie “Mice of Men’. The movie came out way later than the book did. The movie came out 55 years later than the book in fact. Like every movie that was a book they are never the same. The movie is usually very different than the book. The book and movie “Mice of Men” take place during the great depression. This was a hard time in life because the economy just started to crash and people were constantly dying. There is many differences between the two. Here is one of the differences between the two that is important. In the book Candy came into the room where Lennie and Crooks were talking. In the movie Candy never came in and this is …show more content…
In the movie Candy attacked Lennie first not the other way around. Slim didn't say anything about jumping into the fight. This is important because it makes slim look he wanted to start the fight. It made him look like he was eager to fight curley and lennie. Also in the movie when george was asked to get the mule from the barn, Curley's wife was in there. In the book curley's wife was on the front porch. She was not in the barn as in the movie when he went to get the mule. Curley was on the porch punching his punching bag while his wife was just sitting there watching him. You could tell she was bored as in the movie she was in the barn busy doing things. This makes it easier to help george get the mule and not talk to her as he did in the movie. It was awkward to see curley's wife in the barn when he went in. Another part that comes up many times in the movie and not in the book is that George and curley's wife have some type of attraction to each other. This does not come up in the book at any times. They are just friends in the book. In the movie george has a little bit of feelings for curley's wife. Even though curley's wife has a husband there is a small pull of them

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