Case Analysis: Miami Marlins

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Miami Marlins: National League Champs In November 2014 the Miami Marlins and slugger Giancarlo Stanton agreed to a deal that would keep him in Miami for years to come. The deal is worth $325 million for 13 years with a no trade clause; something the Marlins never agree to except for now. Stanton was predicted to break many records such as the single season homerun record set back in 2001. Unfortunately, due to the injury in his left hand, he was unable to do so. This happened before Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez’s anticipated return. Fernandez spent his time off recovering from Tommy John surgery for about a year. In Stanton’s absence, the Marlins second basemen, Dee Gordon, achieve many awards during the season such as the National League …show more content…
During the offseason, sign pitcher Wei-Yin Chen had a great 2015 season campaign with the Baltimore Orioles helped boost the starting rotation led by Fernandez. The Marlins hired an all-star staff lead by a new manager, former Yankee legend Don Mattingly and a new hitting coach, also known as the greatest hitter of all time, Barry Bonds. These well-known athletes have much to teach the Marlins. The Marlins have the talent to compete in the National League East this year against the Washington Nationals and the National League Champion New York Mets. The Marlins will shock the world in 2016 and will become the 2016 National League East Champs.
Lawrence M. Kahn is a Braunstein family professor of economics at Connell University. He conducted a study on Managerial Quality, Team Success, and Individual Player Performance in Major League Baseball. This study uses 1969-87 major league baseball statistics to determine the influence of managerial quality on team winning and individual player performance. Kahn explains managerial quality and player performance are dignified on salary
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In the movie Major League, the Cleveland Indians have not won their division in 34 years. The team owner unfortunately passed away and his stuck-up wife has taken over as the new owner. She dislikes Cleveland. She plans on moving the team to Miami, Florida but in order to move, the team has to have an attendance for the season under 800,000. The team hires manager Lou Brown and recruits a group of players including a catcher named Jake Taylor, a pitcher named Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. As predicted, the Indians start off bad, but when the team learns that Rachel wants the team to lose so she can move them they get their act together. They eventually pull through and become successful while raising their home attendance sales. Before the final pitch by Vaughn. Manager Brown, he says “Forget about the curve ball Ricky, give him the heater.” Jake Taylor then gets a walk off bunt to score the winning run to win the division title. This demonstrates that the underdogs can win if one puts their mind to it. It is important to play hard to show what one is truly capable of. I believe they are similar to the Marlins because in the film, the team has very low expectations, but ends up winning their division, just as the Marlins will this season. The Miami Marlins will show the world what they are capable of and become the 2016 National League East

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