Miami Air Flight 665 Case Study 1

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Register to read the introduction… The first officer confirmed he had checked the cargo door, so the crew continued their preparations for departure. At 0807, about on schedule, the engines were started and ZK-EAQ taxied for take-off. At about 0815, ZK-EAQ commenced its take-off roll on runway 05. As the aeroplane lifted off, the passengers and crew heard a loud noise from the rear. At the same time, several control tower staff observed that the cargo door was almost fully open.
The crew suspected the cargo door had opened, and this was confirmed shortly after by the tower controller, so they initiated a return to the aerodrome. The aeroplane was landed at about 0820 and returned to the gate to offload the passengers. There were no injuries and minor damage only to an antenna and a cargo door gas strut. No baggage was lost overboard.[2]

Figure 1. Show instruction to open cargo door

Background Study

Miami Air flight 665.
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The flight was on a non-scheduled domestic passenger flight operating under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 121 and was destined for Nashville, Tennessee. The airplane sustained minor damage as a result of an open aft cargo door. The 3 flight crew, 5 flight attendants, and 170 passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the incident. The airplane was on an IFR flight plan and clearance to

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