Mexico 's Social And Political Issues Essay

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Between the late 1970’s and 1990’s, Mexican Society and politics went through a series of major transformations. Mexico’s economy went through a period of instability, effecting Mexicans from all classes. Mexico’s political atmosphere became insecure with different political factions challenging the PRI, the sole party in Mexico for decades. This change in politics damaged a sense of security that many Mexicans felt. These changes to Mexico also brought instability, and as a result, Mexico’s citizens started to believe that their country was going through crisis after crisis. They felts as though their country has no hope of ever gaining any form of economic and political stability. Their confidence that Mexico was poised to become a first world nation started to fade as if they were waking from a dream.
As the crisis’s in Mexico became more apparent, people from all classes began learning to survive living in Mexico as the nation was going through a rapid change. There were many examples to show how people coped with Mexico’s social and political issues. Some people dealt their country’s problems by trying to escape their lives. There was reported to be an increase in suicidal thoughts during the time of economic downtown in Mexico. Middle class business owners were able to survive, but they did not have the same economic situation that they had before. Another way that Middle class Mexicans escaped from their political and economic troubles was to engage in…

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