Mexico 's Health Care System Essay

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Mexico’s health care system is quite inadequate. Even with a profusion of high-quality medical services and facilities, many people only have enough money for basic care. Even though the government has started spending more money on health care, it still has one of the lowest per capita disbursements of all OECD countries, outspending only Turkey and Estonia. Mexico started its hard work to make accessible full healthcare coverage in 2004, with a program called Seguro Popular (Popular Health Insurance). This program was planned to make numerous preventative treatments reasonably priced for the less fortunate. Since then, 50 million formerly uninsured people have benefitted. The opinions on the Seguro Popular are separated; some believe that it guarantees healthcare fairness once and for all, while others still see a deficiency of excellence in the services provided. Whether incapable or not, healthcare is now at least universal in Mexico.

Population and Health Status The population of Mexico is roughly 110, 600, 000. This gives Mexico the 2nd-highest population in Latin America. The birth rate of Mexico is high (but declining). It is roughly 19 people (per 1000), while the death rate is low. It is roughly 5 people (per 1000). This means that Mexico is in stage 3 of the Demographic Transition progression. This gives Mexico a high rate of ordinary increase). The main cause of death in Mexico is diabetes mellitus, mainly type 2. The leading causes of death in Mexico are…

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