Mexico : A Stereotypical Portrayal Of The Mexican People Essays

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Luis Valdez 's Los Vendidos: A Stereotypical Portrayal of the Mexican People Luiz Valdez’s play “Los Vendidos” presents a businessman who deals Mexican robots that work for Anglos at the mere snap of a finger. The whole play takes place within Honest Sancho’s Used Mexican Lot and Mexican Curio Shop. Just with this bit of information that is given to us in the beginning, we can see the stereotype that Mexicans are considered objects just like cars. The conflict within the play is introduced in the beginning of the play after the secretary walks into the store looking to buy a Mexican robot. The primary conflict brings out the theme of the story, which is, that stereotypes hurt both the victims and the oppressors. Throughout the whole play are presented with the stereotypes that have been given to Mexican people over the years. Sancho presents the first stereotype to the secretary, which is the farm worker. He informs the secretary that this model meets the hardworking requirement. He goes on to mention the tasks the robot does, its maintenance cost estimate, and storage requirements:
SANCHO. Do you see these little holes on his arms that appear to be pores? During those hot sluggish days in the field when the vines or the branches get so entangled, it’s almost impossible to move, these holes emit certain grease that allows our model to slip and slide right through the crop with no trouble at all. Señorita, you are looking at the…

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