Mexicans Immigrants From The United States Essay

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As Mexicans emigrated from the familiarity of their homes and learned new life in the United States, many preserved native culture traditions to aid the transition. Some Mexicans decided to adopt many American customs, while others stuck to their roots. Ultimately, their lifestyles were influenced, but many Mexican traditions were conserved. Some of the customs that Mexicans retained include religion, food, and entertainment. They kept these traditions like a piece of home. It made new life in the United States feel similar to how they felt before they immigrated. Mexicans found the new American setting easier to adapt to when they did not feel as if everything had changed. Catholicism gave Mexican immigrants an environment that was culturally similar to back at home. New facilities were quickly needed as Mexican population in El Paso began to increase. They attempted to resolve this issue by organizing Mexican parishes in the barrios for their needs. In correspondence, the Churches became occupied with more Italian and American clergy because of the lack of sufficient Mexican priests in the Southwest. The Catholic Church decided to better aid their parishioners, particularly the refugees, by introducing Americanization. However, most Mexican immigrants denied their proposition and kept their own religious beliefs and form of practicing it. “Regardless of economic or political background, first generation immigrants and political refugees, through their reestablishment of…

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