Methods Of The English Language Essay

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To Be or Not to Be: Proper
Webster’s dictionary is a tool for survival. How else would one know how to spell autochthonous? Language was invented because communication is vital to our survival. Society could not have developed without a means for its inhabitants to properly communicate with one another. However, there is a battle among the “proper” and the “improper” better known as the Prescriptives and the Descriptives. One group who cringes at the thought of the improper use of the English language while the other thrives on embracing the evolution of words. As the battle rages on one must ask themselves is it a battle worth fighting? Is proper use of the English language all that important? While some may disagree, I would argue that proper use of the English language is important in certain situations. The improper use of the English language can lead to an array of problems that can affect a business and its employees. The Prescriptivists are considered conservative, the preservers of the English language. They are the ones who follow traditional grammar rules and who cringed when they hear someone use a word improperly (Bureman). They want the English language to be used how we are supposed to use it. The Descriptivist are more liberal. Having taken over in the 1970’s they are more concerned with how we are currently using the language. They believe it should be reflective of the changing times. After all, how silly would it be if we walked around saying things…

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