Methodological Issues Article Review Essay examples

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Methodological Issues Article Review

When it comes to researching what kind of psychological treatments that are effective for psychological disorders, the most important matter was the gap that is there in the middle of details on the effective treatment and the facts that are presented to the consumers in the care plan. This is the basis of the argument about evidence-based practice in clinical psychology. As suggested by Bauer (2007), “the existing gap has informed the tendency towards provision of health care as opposed to the traditional mental health care.” In essence the aim of shifting towards EBP is to expedite cultural change in the health care system so that practitioners make use of current evidence consciously, explicitly, and judiciously during treatment. The paradigm is a shift from the use of empirical interventions traditionally applied in settings like schools and communities. However, the implementation of EBP in clinical psychology is faced with the challenge of abridging scientific facts that may not be consistent with the real facts of effective treatment. According to Dozois (2013), “the issues of attitude and standardization of clinical practice play a significant role in determining the ease of practicing the EBP in clinical psychological research and decision making.”
In a note by Brendtro, Mitchell, & Doncaster (2011), “the attitudes and lack of standardized approach makes clinical research and publications susceptible to flaws such effects as…

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