Essay on Metaphysics, Philosophy, And Philosophy

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Metaphysics, it is a philosophical research area are considered "first philosophy", the basic question of philosophy, which refers to study can not be directly obtained through answer perceived problems by rational reasoning and logic. It is human reason for exploring the surface of things, the most common and the ultimate reason of a discipline. Metaphysics is the basic law of the philosophy that focuses on the core issue of theoretical philosophy such as the basic premise, the causes, the reason and the first basic structure such as all real meaning and purpose exists in the world.
Metaphysics was the core of Western philosophy department. It has seen in other disciplines as well as philosophical foundation of all human knowledge and in accordance in a fairly long period of time, but it declined after the 20th century. However, despite such a long history of metaphysics, but its concept is not clear enough, and has been unable to reach a general uncertainty. In other words, philosophers in metaphysical has never been reached general consensus in what problems they were working on, what are those issues constitute the basic provisions of a discipline. That makes metaphysics in philosophy and the human information field became to a very particular aspect.
The word “metaphysics” was originally from the book of Aristotle. Andros Nike made the book specifically about the nature of things, objects outside the soul, free will and other research experience book series integrated…

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