Metaphysics Essay

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Metaphysics, it is a philosophical research area are considered "first philosophy", the basic question of philosophy, which refers to study can not be directly obtained through answer perceived problems by rational reasoning and logic. It is human reason for exploring the surface of things, the most common and the ultimate reason of a discipline. Metaphysics is the basic law of the philosophy that focuses on the core issue of theoretical philosophy such as the basic premise, the causes, the reason and the first basic structure such as all real meaning and purpose exists in the world.
Metaphysics was the core of Western philosophy department. It has seen in other disciplines as well as philosophical foundation of all human knowledge and in accordance
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Andros Nike made the book specifically about the nature of things, objects outside the soul, free will and other research experience book series integrated volume as the first philosophy 200 years after Aristotle death. Aristotle human knowledge is divided into three parts, with the tree as a metaphor: the first part, is also the most basic part, that the roots are metaphysics, which is the foundation of all knowledge; the second part is physics, like trunk; the third part is the other natural sciences, in order to described like branch. In short, metaphysics is human reason to explore a subject 's surface and the most popular things that the ultimate reason, such as the presence of the root causes and origin issues. Is the backbone of philosophy in the strict sense? No matter what position you take, you cannot avoid the assertion of …show more content…
That human knowledge is the first thing in the sensory experience prior to social practice. Overall it is innate. We must recognize congenital advocate a rational basis to illustrate the universality of understanding the inevitability and certainty. Plato claims experience is beyond the concept of eternal existence beyond space world. Kant objected that the human experience can not recognize the concept of the world as knowledge of the world of ideas from a congenital defect in the human mind. It is not that we acquired through learning through direct experience recognized. Kant think the reason knowledge in the form of universal necessity is the main category of existence is innate exist prior to experience. However, before the loss of freedom comes from the pursuit of the natural sciences infinite zoom. Before trying to get metaphysical philosopher as there are scientific results like the natural sciences. However, Kant argued that originated in the metaphysics of human reason attempt to go beyond the limited nature of their freedom to achieve the supreme state of vocational ideals. Thus Kant thinks the problem is how to satisfy human reason over the pursuit of freedom. Kant agreed knowledge comes from experience, but he also believes that science is light there is not enough experience.

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