Message to the Black Man In America Essay example

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Elijah Robert Poole was born on October 7,1897 in Sandersville Georgia. He was the sixth of thirteen children born to William Poole Sr and Mariah Poole. He is famous for being an African American religious leader and the leader of the Nation Of Islaem from 1934 until he died in 1975. He ended his education in the fourth grade to help his family by working as a sharecropper until he left home at age 16 to work in factories. On March 17, 1917 he married Clara evans and like many blacks at the time migrated for the jim crow south to Hamtramack Michigan for better job opportunities. While living in Michigan Poole and his wife had 8 children. In 1931 Poole attended his first speech on Islam and black empowerment by Wallace D Fard. Afterwards …show more content…
He states this is impossible because God is not a real person. Muhammad goes on to explain that Christians are not supposed to put a face to there god but yet they fill there churches and living rooms up with pictures and images of what they believe God looks like. Muhammad states that God is real and his name is Allah and that the only way to understand yourself is to know god as Allah one person that lived and walked the earth.
Muhammad goes on to talk about knowing and loving and understanding yourself. He states that because blacks lack knowledge of themselves it keeps them from enjoying freedom, justice and, equality. He explains that the tribe of Shabazz was the first people put on earth and that they where black. Muhammad says that if blacks today knew this and that the tribe of Shabazz found two of Earths most precious spots the Nile River and Mecca that they would feel more confident of themselves and wouldn’t allow our slave master (the white man) to continue to put us down and degrade us. He believe that the slave masters has robbed negroes of there heritage by separating us from or family, forcing us to learn Christianity and degrading us. Because of this he believes that it is impossible for blacks to love themselves or each other. Muhammad preaches that we should stick together as a race and that before we help others we should help our own kind. He says instead of licking the boot of our slave master that we should be licking the bout of our

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