Differences Between Mesalazine And Rifaximin

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Mesalazine and Rifaximin use for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Mesalazine is used as in anti-inflammatory agent, Steroidal. Rifaximin is used in Gastrointestinal Agents, Anti-infective agent. The use of Rifaximin in combination with Mesalazine has been proved to provide beneficial effect in inflammatory bowel disease. The mechanism of Mesalazine and Rifaximin is quite different. Mesalamine and Rifaximin are two different types of drugs offering some symptomatic relief to the IBD patients. Mesalamine treats inflammation, whereas, Rifaximin reduces bio burden. Mesalazine and Rifaximin novel combination used in treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patented by Lupin Ltd, WIPO WO2009047801 A1. [1]

A. Mesalazine

Mesalamine is a salicylate, its therapeutic effect does not appear to be related to cyclooxygenase inhibition; indeed, traditional non-steroidal
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2 Chemical Structure of Rifaximin
The review of literature regarding quantitative analysis of Mesalazine and Rifaximin revealed that no Simultaneous Equation method attempt was made to develop analytical methods for Mesalazine and Rifaximin. Some spectrometric methods and chromatographic methods have been reported for the estimation of the individual and combination of drugs.The focus of the present study was to develop and validate a rapid, stable, specific, and economic Spectroscopic method for the estimation of Mesalazine and Rifaximin in Synthetic Mixture.


Chemicals and Reagents

Mesalazine raw material was received as gift sample from CTX Life science, Surat. Rifaximin raw material was received as gift sample from Lupin Ltd, Ankleshwar.
Methanol HPLC Grade (Finar), HPLC Grade Water, Acetonitrile HPLC Grade (Finar), Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (Merck), Formic Acid, Ortho Phosphoric Acid AR Grade (Merck), was used for development

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