Mercy Among The Children By David Adam Richards And Back Roads

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Hardship removes any rivalry which may exist among siblings. Throughout the books, Mercy Among the Children, by David Adam Richards and Back Roads, by Tawni O’dell, the teenaged characters Lyle and Harley are very similar in the way in which they both care greatly for their siblings, even through times of pain and suffering. Love, shame, and fear are all factors that help to keep their sibling bonds.The Jungian perspective is illustrated throughout these two novels by the sociological view of how the family works.
Firstly, sibling bonds are often made stronger when siblings experience the shame of being outcasts in a community. In Back Roads, Harley feels ashamed of who he is because of his family 's position in the community. When Amber murders Harleys girlfriend, Callie Mercer, Harley takes the blame for her. He does so because he knows that Amber has more potential than he does. He says: “ I don’t want her life getting even more fucked up by going to jail. She’s going to be okay, I am not.” This demonstrates how Harley believes that Amber is going to make it through life all right. He believes that he might as well take the blame and shame for Amber, because he does not see a bright future for himself, and he wants her to have one. ( REFRENCE STATES: )“shame is the emotion that encourages us to do our best.” This quote demonstrates that all the shame that Harley is feeling prompts him to do what he feels is the right thing. Secondly, in Back Roads Amber is ashamed of…

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