Mercantilism Compare And Answers

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1. The strength of the British empire in North America was due in large part to the religious toleration and freedom established there. This liberation from persecution in many colonies was the deciding factor for many immigrants as they wanted to escape from the Anglican church in England. Also, mercantilism in the British American colonies helped to create economic diversity and success by creating a higher demand for colonial products. In addition, with the labor of black slaves rather than white servants, the colonies enjoyed extreme population growth and lower tension between classes in white society. Because of the encouraged primary education in the colonies, many in the colonies were heavily involved in the Enlightenment,
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However, after the reliance on white servitude diminished, these poor white men and women were able to start families and rise out of extreme poverty to become just poor whites instead of extremely impoverished whites. The merchant class in North America grew and prospered, especially during the height of the Enlightenment. However, the wealth gap remained ever extreme, especially as a highly concentrated group of elites gained much of the wealth through trade and plantations while many people in urban areas grew increasingly poor. Higher still on the social ladder were the proprietors and governors that led these colonies, all made of white …show more content…
Revivalists like George Whitefield used charisma to inspire the American masses into restoring their faith in God that was otherwise diminished or altered during the Enlightenment. However, those who supported the Enlightenment, the Old Lights, and those who followed the Great Awakening, the New Lights, clashed in later years. This divisive attitude created religious turmoil and formed new denominations of Protestantism in great numbers. Because of the Great Awakening, the Anglican, Quaker, and Congregationalist faiths lost influence and support while Baptist and Presbyterian churches gained followers. Due to the conflict between the New Lights and the Old Lights, many colleges and higher education institutions were established so that each group had established schools. Indian and African Christianity boomed as the Great Awakening reached them. Women also benefitted from the Great Awakening by acquiring more power and opportunities to speak. Lastly, the lines dividing different Protestant religions blurred as a focus on commonalities rather than differences

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