Why Poor Students Struggle In College

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The American education system are not created equally and provides unequal opportunities. Poor or working class students are less likely to graduate from college than wealthy or middle class students. So, David Laude and other researchers have been looking into why poor students struggle in college, and why they have a low rate of graduating and how to influence student mentality in college (Tough, 2014).
Most wealthy and middle class students get chance to have more opportunity by having better resources, such as having the ability to afford private schools equipped with excellent facilities, AP courses, information technology, and classrooms with smaller student to teacher ratios. High-income students also able to afford hire tutor and test preparation courses, which give them an advantage on applying to colleges. So, High-income students arrive at college much better prepared and give more confident in their knowledge and abilities, while many low-income students are not prepared and have low confident in their knowledge and abilities.
However, a lack of pre-school preparation does not lead a student to failure in college. Instead, David Laude and other researchers argues that it is mentality problem, the feeling of not belonging, don’t feel like they belong, get scared with minor mistakes or failures,
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These students are thus enrolled in various internships, attend lectures on subjects such as time management, and are groomed for paid leadership positions, such as residence-hall advisers (Tough). From this solution, Laude wanted make them belong in college because he knew they are smart. Even they came from low-income and/or minority background, most of them were smart and/or high-achievers in high school, but they just got struggled in college because they couldn’t

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