Essay on Mental Illness : The And The Obesity

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In order to fully assist the patient in the case study a comprehensive analysis must be used to fully address all of the patient 's ailments. The individual has some physical issues that need to be addressed, such as the diabetes and the obesity. These should be looked at first because, in order to treat any psychological issues, the physical issues need to be worked on. A person who feels better has a better chance at addressing other issues. Psychologically the patient needs to address the trauma from his past in order to move forward and work on other issues. These both need to be followed up on with a physician and the patience stay will be dependant on the severity of the issues and the speed at which they complete treatment.
The case study first describes the patient 's psychiatric issues, thus the first ailment we will address are those issues. There are clear indicators that the patient is suffering from some sort of mental illness, and these are the result of the childhood trauma. This causation is clearly shown by the study conducted by
There is now substantial evidence linking child sexual abuse (CSA) and child physical abuse (CPA) to a range of mental health problems in childhood. Child abuse has also been shown to have a causal role in most adult disorders, including: depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, personality disorders and dissociative disorders, as well as suicidality. (Read, 2005, 331)

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