Essay on Mental Illness And The Insanity Defense

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Mental Illness and the Insanity Defense
The criminal justice system works by attempting to dispense justice in all instances where the law has been broken. The penal code is structured in a manner that permits it to punish according to the magnitude of the transgression in question. However, not everyone, even those who admit to committing crimes, accepts their punitive measures gracefully. They continuously attempt to avoid the penalties associated with their deeds. Besides, some complexities arise when trying to convict some perpetrators of crime owing to some reasons. In the U.S., for instance, mental illness and insanity often make it difficult for the wheels of justice to grind, as they should. Mental disease and insanity defense are functional in criminal cases by persons accused of various criminal offenses. The mental illness and insanity feature in the criminal justice system in two different ways.
Firstly, they can come up with genuine cases in which a perpetrator of a crime is truly insane or mentally ill. Secondly, these two can be used as a means of defense by the accused. Bestowing to Sadoff (2014), in cases where the defendant is unable to judge whether their actions are, were right or wrong. A court of law may invalidate any allegations leveled against them because of committing the act. Jurisprudence holds that insanity cannot be punished by jail terms, but rather by psychiatric treatment. Thus, if one is determined to have been mentally ill or…

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