Mental Illness And Mental Health Essay

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About one in every four people are diagnosed with a mental disorder. My grandfather, father, and uncle are some of the 51 million people who suffer from a mental illness called schizophrenia. That being said, I have a ten percent chance of developing schizophrenia due to genetics, and my children will have a five percent. Being around mental health all my life has become something natural in my day-to-day living. My love for people with mental health, and a tragic event that happened in my life, directed me to pick the major psychology, to become a clinical psychologist. Mental Health is something meaningful me, but also heart-felt. For certain, it has a very significant impact on my life. Mental health is important to me because it has taken over the lives of people whom I was so close too. However, mental health doesn 't just affect the person with the mental disorder. Their loved ones, friends, and significant others, are also effected. For instance, my uncle and I shared an unbreakable bond. Unfortunately, Charles was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the early age of 26. He lived a life of demons, voices, and sorrow. Certainly, there were vigorous days; I will hold them in my heart forever. I remember that cheeky grin from ear-to-ear, the deep belly laugh, and the humorous songs he would make up. We would chat and have intriguing conversations about conspiracy theories, or what he thought heaven would be like. Unfortunately, when he was low, he hit rock bottom.…

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